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davidc's blog

ayTemplates released, 7 years too late

April 18, 2009 by davidc

So I'm celebrating the 5-year anniversary of my leaving the 99dogs crapfest by finally releasing ayTemplates. ayTemplates is a PHP extension written in C, designed for lightning-fast execution of standard template operations. At 99dogs, we were using a derivative of FastTemplate for some very heavy templating, as we had a team of web designers working independently from the programmers. Doing all this in PHP with regular expressions was insanely slow and inappropriate, so ayTemplates was born.

There never was a public release of ayTemplates, despite being written in 2002 and being improved through 2004. Around that time 99dogs finally gave up the ghost, and I stopped writing PHP professionally, so it never saw production. I occasionally still get enquiries about it though, so here in 2009, I'm finally releasing it. It's over there, along with its documentation.

Oh look, I made a blog

April 1, 2009 by davidc

Right, don't even think about mocking me, but I'm starting a blog. Not to talk about the futility of life and how pretty girls hate me (unless I get really drunk), but because I'm sick of all my wasted work. I seem to be constantly writing code or fiddling with things where the result is either only used in one place, or is used once and thrown away, or simply never gets finished. Some of this I'm convinced will be useful to others, or even to myself in the future.